The death of American Education; Part 1

So working within the American school system, one gets to see a lot of things that many parents aren’t aware of. In some schools there are built in “restraint” rooms, of course they aren’t titled that way. Many have charming names such as; Relaxation station, Break room, sensory room, no matter what the name, a parent hearing about such an interesting room within their child’s school they would be impressed, until they see one in use. These rooms are often empty without any items that can be removed, thrown, or hurt a child or staff member. Often times there may be soft mats or beanbags…



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TB Obwoge

Here — I ✍🏽 about random topics-📸-AFRICA-🇬🇭🇰🇪🇲🇼traveling-Gender Issues-Mental Health-Child Rights-📚-🌏 #EndChildMarriages #WomensRights