I Am A $5 Dollar Bill

A true story that no one ever believes

Authors Photo (I only use my own photos & this was the best I could do imagine $5.00 USD here)

One evening I had plans to go out with my mother, sister and a few of their friends. We had all made plans to go see a Tyler Perry play, it was at the Philadelphia Merriam Theater. I had worked later than planned as I had to drive students home after working a full day at the alternative school where I was working. I had my change of clothing with me so I…



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TB Obwoge

Here — I ✍🏽 about random topics-📸-AFRICA-🇬🇭🇰🇪🇲🇼traveling-Gender Issues-Mental Health-Child Rights-📚-🌏 #EndChildMarriages #WomensRights